Privacy Policy

IRU, Inc., trading as the IRUA – Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association takes the privacy of its website users seriously and has adopted the following policy statement as regards key elements of data privacy.

Information Collection and Use
IRU, Inc. collects information voluntarily provided by users as well as, on occasions, common source information from such sites as LinkedIn so as to assist us in providing biographical information regarding speakers and presenters at our various educational events.

All information collected by IRU, Inc. is not shared, sold or rented to any third party.

Database and Event Registration
In order to access the Member Area of the website you will be provided with a Username and a Password.  The Username is generated automatically by the system and cannot be changed.  The Password given or allocated to you is freely changeable by you. IRU, Inc. has no access to user passwords once created.  If you lose or forget your password you may request a temporary one be issued and, again, it will be for your use and access only.

The database thus created is used to communicate with members and non-members via email to market the IRU, Inc.’s various programs and benefits such as, educational and networking events; Newsletters; the Journal of Reinsurance; and Scholars program information. All the information about you contained in our database is freely accessible by you through use of your username and password.  Once so accessed, we encourage users to correct, update or supplement the information collected so as to enable us to serve you better.

Event registration requires the collection of certain information provided by you and may be completed via the website. Payment for such events and other service orders such as Individual Membership dues; Journal of Reinsurance subscriptions and article requests. The third-party vendor used to collect credit card payments is Paypal and  they require certain personal and financial information in order to accurately process your registration or order.  As a third-party vendor, IRU, Inc. assumes no liability for any security lapses by Paypal and you do not need a personal Paypal account to use this service.

The safety, protection and security of your personal information is paramount. On occasion, we do take down sensitive information such as credit card detail information over the telephone and, once a charge has been processed, that information is shredded and not retained in any form.  When you process a payment via Paypal we do not see, or have access to, the full details of any credit card payment.

Cookies are pieces of data stored on your hard drive that enables us to identify returning visitors which improves your convenience when accessing our website. Cookies recognize your username and password which means that you don’t have to log in via a password more than once per session.  Cookies are not linked to your personal identifiable information on our website.

For the convenience of our users, IRU, Inc. uses links, also known as hyperlinks, to other, third-party websites. This is especially the case with regards to our bi-weekly Newsletter distributed electronically to members and others.  IRU, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the content or any privacy violation issues of these other website owners and operators.


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