Anti-Trust Policy

All of the IRUA’s educational and networking events are conducted in accordance with the adopted Anti-Trust Policy.

In essence, this Policy prohibits any and all discussions involving any possible insurance market boycott, coercion &/or intimidation. Additionally, you should not initiate nor participate in any of the following discussions involving, but not limited to:  pricing, profits, commissions, or any other cost components and elements; rates or the stabilizing of rates or other terms or conditions of any products offered for sale; underwriting criteria with an eye towards standardizing/standardization; matters that would adversely affect the availability of insurance or services to the public.

Also, this includes any discussion of the types of products that may be offered and sold or the states and territories in which they may be sold; future rate plans including actuarial projections; “Fair” profit levels; developing “standards” for company operations; suggesting a certain credit policy.

If you see or hear of any prohibited practices in any IRU meeting or social event, please advise an officer of the IRUA or the Executive Director as violations of such anti-trust laws could result in exposure to investigation &/or prosecution by Federal or State authorities for you, your company and the IRU. Your cooperation in abiding by these restrictions is appreciated.

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