About the Journal of Reinsurance

About the JOR
The Journal of Reinsurance is an official e-publication of the IRUA.  It is published up to four times per year.  Focused on issues confronting the insurance/reinsurance community in today’s complex environment, the JOR applies the best research and practices to the strategic challenges and operating problems of today’s environment.  The JOR is designed to keep reinsurance and insurance underwriters, insurance company executive, brokers, regulators, academicians and those interested in reinsurance abreast of development which will impact on reinsurance and the reinsurance market.

Commentary or Corrections?
The IRUA welcomes your comments and suggestions, as well as information regarding errors or omissions that call for correction.

Call for Articles
The Journal of Reinsurance Committee and Advisory Panel is always looking for current trends in the industry.  If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration of being published in the Journal of Reinsurance, please contact us by email to: mcs@irua.org.

Information for Contributors
The following information will help speed your article to publication.

Please send a separate computer file for each of the following items using the file formats listed below.

  1. A short abstract and short biographical statement of each author;
  2. The body (article text);
  3. Tables contained within the article;
  4. Figures and/or captions (Acceptable formats: eps, gif; jpg, jpeg – 300 dpi or greater);
  5. Reference/endnotes/footnotes
  6. Each figure (graphics, images, and the source of the graphic to obtain high rez files, if needed)
  7. A copy of the complete article, with all tables and graphics in the correct positions.

Text and Tables:
We prefer text files in MS Word.  Files created from other applications may be acceptable, but please check with IRUA Staff before sending them.  Ideally, we prefer articles to be around 2-3,000 words.

  • Hyphenation: turn automatic hyphenation OFF;
  • Endnotes/Footnotes: Endnotes/footnotes should be used if appropriate. Unless critical, endnotes/footnotes should not be used for explanatory comments. Explanatory comments should be included in the main text.
  • Track Changes: Accept all changes in document and save the file prior to sending final draft to the editor.  Do not send text with tracking marks.

Printouts and Hand Drawings
Not acceptable: photocopies, overhead transparencies, chart recorder output.

Article Submission
IRUA reserves the right to edit articles, to fit articles within available space, and to ensure conciseness, clarity and stylistic consistency.

All materials should be submitted via email to:

Maria Sclafani
IRUA Executive Administrator
Email:  mcs@irua.org

If you have questions about preparing your article, please check with the IRUA Staff before sending your files.