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ArticleAuthor(s)Volume NumberArticle NumberPublish Date
A Breath of Relief: Telemedicine in COVID-19 Workers' CompensationMackenzie SmithVol 29 No 12October 2022
Parametric Insurance and its Global ImplicationsCharles Whiteley
2021 First Place Scholar Winner
Vol 29 No 11October 2022
A Legal Guide to Insurance Coverage for Violent Protests, Terrorism, Insurrection and RevolutionStacey L. Samuel
Vincent J. Vitkowsky
Vol 28 No 23October 2021
Could Political Risk Become the Next Source of Cat Loss Inflation?Thomas JohansmeyerVol 28 No 22October 2021
(Re)Insurers as Catalysts Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change NowRod ThalerVol 28 No 21October 2021
Freeing Trapped Capital in the ILS MarketOakley (Lee) VanSlykeVol 28 No 14March 2021
What You Need to Know-California's New Privacy Mandates Consisting of the California
Consumer Privacy Rights ACT (CPRA)
Susan E. MackVol 28 No 13March 2021
Reviver Statutes: Risk Considerations for Insurers and ReinsurersAmy S. Klein
Robin C. Dusek
Vol 28 No 12March 2021
A Reinsurance Professional's Perspective on the US Transactional Risk Marketplace at January 1, 2021Nicholas DeMartiniVol 28 No 11March 2021
Mergers and Acquisitions in the Eye of the StormLiam Hettinger
IRUA 2019 Scholar Winner
Vol 27 No 33November 2020
The Oklahoma Insurance Business Transfer Act-An Explanation of the Law and a Description of the First TransactionGregg P. Hirsch
John West
Vol 27 No 32November 2020
Reinsurance Can't Save the Cyber Insurance MarketThomas JohansmeyerVol 27 No 31November 2020
Meet meat; How New Innovations in Agriculture Could Affect the Insurance WorldNadezhda Karkelanova
IRUA 2019 Scholar Winner
Vol 27 No 24June 2020
The Perfect Storm: Covid-19 Meets Social InflationDamon N. Vocke
Mark A. Bradford
Vol 27 No 23June 2020
Entering the Reputation Risk Management and Insurance Marketplace: A Solution for 2020Peter J. Gerken
Denise Williamee
Vol 27 No 22June 2020
Novel Approach? Property and Liability Insurance Coverage Issues Presented by Covid-19Susan MackVol 27 No 21June 2020
Mitigating Food Risks in the New WorldZubyn D'Costa
IRUA 2019 Scholar Winner
Vol 27 No 13March 2020
Insurance Linked Securities and Catastrophe Bonds - Chicken or Egg?Joseph PetrelliVol 27 No 12March 2020
Data Protection: Harmonizing Tensions Between the NAIC's "Insurance Data Security Law" & Traditional Acess-To-Records ProvisionsMatthew J. LaskyVol 27 No 11March 2020
Blockchain Technology: The Insurance RevolutionSean McDermottVol 26 No 34February 2020
(Re)Insurance Risk Metrics for PractitionersIvelin M. ZvezdovVol 26 No 33February 2020
Rethinking California Wildfire RiskLuca Weber
Dr. Niklaus Merz
Dr. Paul Della-Marta
Vol 26 No 32February 2020
The Florida Legislature Finally Enacts Assignment of Benefit ReformThomas White, Esq.
Timothy Volpe, Esq.
Vol 26 No 31February 2020
An Essay on (Re) Insurance - Technical Pricing and Product DesignDr. Ivelin ZvezdovVol 26 No 24September 2019
The U.S. Opioid Epidemic - Looking at the LiabilityBeatrice MorleyVol 26 No 23September 2019
Cannabis Coverage: A Redirection of InsuranceElizabeth Cunningham
IRUA 2018 Scholars Winner
Vol 26 No 22September 2019
Hacking Cyber Insurance with Probabilistic ProgrammingDirk BesterVol 26, No 21September 2019
Insurance Coverage Issues In The
Wake Of A Mass Shooting Event
Donald E. Frechette &
Matthew Murphy
Vol 26, No 13March 2019
Automatization of Underwriting
and the Future of the Reinsurance
Lloyd A. Gura &
Andrea Fort
Vol 26, No 12March 2019
Insuring Against Unknown Cyber
Attacks in the Age of IoT
Luke M. Schwenke
2018 IRUA First Place Scholars Winner
Vol 26, No 11March 2019
Making Hail Losses More Predictable: Replacing the Cosmetic Damage Exclusion with the Aesthetic Impairment ConceptMarcos Antonio MendozaVol 25 No 33October 2018
Unchaining the Insurance Industry: The Impact of Blockchain Technology and Smart ContractsGregory Marzilli
2017 IRUA Scholar Winner
Vol 25 No 32October 2018
New York State Cyber Security Regulation: Perspectives for ReinsurersJames Wrynn
Anthony Ferrante
Vol 25 No 31October 2018
ERM Requirements for ORSA & A. M. BestKristina Narvaez, MBAVol 25 No 25August 2018
Head Games: A (Re)Insurance PerspectiveMichael J. Kurtis, Esq.Vol 25 No 24August 2018
Head Games: The Concussion CrisisChris Nowinski, Ph.DVol 25 No 23August 2018
ERM: Captive Insurance, Reinsurance and Driving Stakeholder ValueM. Michael Zuckerman, JD, MBA, ACIVol 25 No 22August 2018
Space Tourism Insurance Isn't Rocket Science, Is It?Robin Lieb
IRUA 2017 Scholar Winner
Vol 25 No 21August 2018
Disruption and Reinsurance –
An Overview and Perspective
Joseph Calandro, Jr.
Marie Carr
Vivek Paharia
Francois Ramette
Jamie Yoder
Vol 25 No 16April 2018
Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on Insurance Markets
& How to Capitalize
Patrick M. LevandoskiVol 25 No 15April 2018
Evolution of the Species-Facultative Certificate Expenses
from Bellefonte to Global
Susan E. MackVol 25 No 14April 2018
GDPR Signals New Era of Data RiskJohn F. StephensVol 25 No 13April 2018
Analytics Offer Unlimited Opportunities to ActuariesGary WangVol 25 No 12April 2018
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: The Promise and the Challenge
A Primer for the Insurance Sector
James J. Whittle
Brian A. Kudzak
Vol 25 No 11April 2018
What is the Blockchain and its Potential for (Re)InsuranceZach Finn, AINS, ARM, MSMVol 24 No 44December 2017
Disruption in Insurance: Harder Than it LooksDavid Wright, ACAS, CFAVol 24 No. 43December 2017
The New Industrial Revolution: Big Data and its Collision with Traditional (Re)InsuranceTanner Sowa
2017 First Place Scholar Winner
Vol 24 No. 42December 2017
Review of China, India and USA Agricultural (Re)insurance MarketsPeter Griffin, Ph.D.Vol 24 No.41December 2017
Regulation and the “Covered Agreement
Lindsay DoeringVol 24 No. 35October 2017
Cloud Coverage: Analyzing Cyber Security
Joseph C. Felix (Intern)Vol 24 No. 34October 2017
Hiding in Plain Sight: The Unicorn You
May Have MissedHiding in Plain Sight: The Unicorn You
May Have Missed
Christopher Holland
Scott Monaco
Vol 24 No. 33October 2017
The Impact of the Current Administration on the FIO
and Dodd-Frank
Frederick J. PomerantzVol 24 No. 32October 2017
Assignment of Benefit Abuse in Florida: The Rising Costs of
the Crisis and the Latest Efforts Towards Reform
Timothy Volpe
Thomas White
Vol 24 No. 31October 2017
Emerging Risks-Climate Change Related Impacts on the Insurance and Reinsurance IndustryDan Stinson (Intern)Vol 24 No. 24August 2017
Enterprise Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Future of Loss Portfolio TransfersM. Michael Zuckerman, J.D., M.B.A., A.C.I.
Amanda Wolfgang
Vol 24 No. 23August 2017
The Restructuring ConundrumAnna PetropoulosVol 24 No. 22August 2017
US Private Market Residential Flood Insurance–Some Thoughts Before You Jump InElizabeth GearyVol 24 No. 21August 2017
Autonomous Vehicles:The Evolution of Auto InsuranceLogan Ryan (Intern)Vol 24 No. 13May 2017
Examining 30 Years of Residential Flood Insurance Claims in the United States:Two Key FindingsO. Michel-Kerjan
Dr. Carolyn Kousky
Vol 24 No. 12May 2017
Residential Construction DefectGerry Finley
John Emelo
Vol 24 No. 11May 2017
Towards Sociably Responsible (Re)Insurance Underwriting Practices: Readily Available By 'Data' Contributions to Optimize Towards Sociably Responsible (Re)Insurance Underwriting Practices: Readily Available By 'Data' Contributions to Optimize Catastrophe Risk ManagementIvelin M. Zvezdov
Sebastian Rath
Vol 23 No. 43January 2017
Hydraulic Fracturing: Drilling Holes in the Ground and Our PocketsMatthew Forshay (Intern)Vol 23 No. 42January 2017
Vermont:Leading The Captive Insurance Industry Today and Into The FutureRodd ZolkosVol 23 No. 41January 2017
New Moving Targets" 3D Printing; E-Cigarettes; Bitcoin & BlockchainWilliam (Billy) MauroVol 23 No. 34October 2016
Insurance Implications of the Legalization of MarijuanaAlexandra BergVol 23 No. 33October 2016
Insurance Company Failures: Case StudyJohn WestVol 23 No. 32October 2016
Innovation in Reinsurance - Driving Into the Future or Stuck in the Past?Scott MonacoVol 23 No. 31October 2016
Cyber Risk and the Evolution of Suply ChainsOliver BrewVol 23 No. 24September 2016
Cyber Risk Exposure as it Concerns Data and Actuarial ModelingJohn FerraraVol 23 No. 23September 2016
Big Data, Big Chances:Effectively Securing Technology, Data...And PeopleMsrk McLaughlinVol 23 No. 22September 2016
Proceed with Caution: Cyber AheadKara OwensVol 23 No. 21September 2016
How Long Can They Go? Taking a Closer Look at the Capital Market's Return Requirements for Catastrophic RiskBrian TobbenVol 23 No. 14June 2016
Attorney-Client Priviledge and the Common Interest Doctrine in the Reinsurance ContextAndrew Lewner David SimunovichVol 23 No. 13June 2016
Autonomous Cars: An Emerging RiskKelly Petrarca (Intern)Vol 23 No. 12June 2016
Reinsurance Contracts: Out of the Backroom and Into the Light of InnovationDavid KragsethVol 23 No. 11June 2016
Reinsurers and Receiverships: A ChecklistJames VeachVol 22 No. 34December 2015
Regulators, Reinsurers, and ILS: The Road AheadAndrew Mais David Vacca Edmond HardyVol 22 No. 33December 2015
Sunset & Commutation ClausesSusan MackVol 22 No. 32December 2015
Drones & Their Impact on the Insurance/Reinsurance IndustryKatie Martincic (Intern)Vol 22 No. 31December 2015
The Effective Management of Residual Claims LiabilityJohn WestVol 22 No. 24September 2015
NanotechnologyGerry Finley Kathy SullivanVol 22 No. 23September 2015
Why the Lizard & the Lady With Red Lipstick Matter to All InsuranceThomas HettingerVol 22 No. 22September 2015
Reinsurance as GovernanceMarcos MendozaVol 22 No. 21September 2015
What Did You Agree to Arbitrate? The View of The Courts May Surprise YouEverett J. CygalVol 22 No. 13June 2015
The Honorable Engagement ClauseFrank DeMentoVol 22 No. 12June 2015
Filling The Talent Gap: Challenges & OpportunitiesEnya HeVol 22 No. 11June 2015
Reinsurance Treaty Clauses: Extra-Contractual ObligationsSusan MackVol 22 No. 14June 2015
Reinsurance Treaty Clauses: Excess of Policy LimitsSusan MackVol 21 No. 33April 2015
How Much Time Can Elapse Between the Cedent's Settlement and Presentation of a Reinsurance Claim Before the Statute of Limitations Clock Starts to Tick?Philip Loree, Jr.Vol 21 No. 32April 2015
Treaty Reinsurance Underwriting Then & Now: A Personal PerspectivePaul FeldsherVol 21 No. 31April 2015
Hot Topics in Reinsurance: Emerging Niche MarketsAngela Rizzo (Intern)Vol 21 No. 24December 2014
Reinsurance Treaty Clauses: Subrogation & SalvageSusan MackVol 21 No. 23December 2014
War, Terrorism & Hacktivism Under Cyber Insurance PoliciesVincent VitkowskyVol 21 No. 22December 2014
Are You Subject to FATCA?Samuel KenworthyVol 21 No. 21December 2014
Utmost Good Faith In the Reinsurance RelationshipRobert M. HallVol 21 No. 14June 2014
Reinsurance Collateralization Reform & ModernizationLawrence Mirel Michael Kurtis Nicholas BaconVol 21 No. 13June 2014
The Mystery of Reserve Cycles, UncoveredJessica LeongVol 21 No. 12June 2014
Bermuda's Reinsurers: Integrating Science Into Catastrophe UnderwritingTraver AlexanderVol 21 No. 11June 2014
The Future of TRIA and its Impact on Insurance and Reinsurance MarketsTim Cornish (Intern)Vol 20 No. 44Fall 2013
Building On The Beginnings: Re-Visiting the Formation of ARIAS-USSusan MackVol 20 No. 43Fall 2013
Reinsurance Process Leakage: Some ObservationsMyles TilleyVol 20 No. 42Fall 2013
Solvency II - What On Earth's Been Going On?Chris FinneyVol 20 No. 41Fall 2013
Lloyd's Celebrates it's 325th AnniversaryKiran BhovanVol 20 No. 32Summer 2013
What Does It Mean to "Exhaust" an Underlying Layer of Insurance (Updated)Robert M. HallVol 20 No. 33Summer 2013
Florida's 2013 Regular Legislative Session Comprehensive Summary of Key Insurance Related LegislationColodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & AbateVol 20 No. 31Summer 2013
Mid Arbitration Business Relationships: A Cautionary TaleEverett J. CygalVol 20 No. 34Summer 2013
Developments in Insurance-Linked Securities and Alternative Risk TransferVladimir Nicenko John Schwolsky Matthew SternVol 20 No. 22Spring 2013
The Cyber Threat Matrix to Energy and Utility CompaniesVincent VitkowskyVol 20 No. 21Spring 2013
Mediation of Reinsurance DisputesBruce FriedmanVol 20 No. 24Spring 2013
Managing Catastrophe Claims - Lessons From HistoryJulian WardVol 20 No. 23Spring 2013
The Currents of Change in Reinsurance BokerageRumbidzai Masamvu (Intern)Vol 20 No. 13Winter 2013
Should Reinsurance Contracts be Construed Against Reinsurers?Robert HallVol 20 No. 12Winter 2013
Developments from the NAIC 2012 Fall National MeetingStroock & StroockVol 20 No. 14Winter 2013
Reinsurance and Financial StabilityIAIS PaperVol 20 No. 11Winter 2013
What is "Evident Partiality"?Keith DotsethVol 19 No. 42Fall 2012
Why We Have Seen Few Insurer Failures, and Why That May Be About to ChangePatric CantiloVol 19 No. 41Fall 2012
Catastrophe Reinsurance Pricing : Science, Art or BothJospeh Qiu Ming Li Qin Wang Bo WangVol 19 No. 43Fall 2012
Euro Crisis: Re/insurance and Re/insureds: Planning for the UnthinkableJonathan Sacher David McCarthyVol 19 No. 44Fall 2012
Introduction of the FCPA to the Reinsurance IndustryMax ChesterVol 19 No. 33Summer 2012
The Results of Florida's Regular Legislative SessionColodny, Fass, etalVol 19 No. 31Summer 2012
The Calm Before the Solar Storm: Coverage Implications Arising from Solar EventsCostantino Suriano Marc HayesVol 19 No. 34Summer 2012
Reinsurance Contracts written in the London Market: The Devil is in the DetailChristopher Cardona Michelle George Maria MartinezVol 19 No. 32Summer 2012
Solvency II, the NAIC, and Dodd-Frank Driving Changes in U.S. Reinsurance RegulationKen Wylie Nigel MontgomeryVol 19 No. 23Spring 2012
The Need for Casualty Catastrophe ModelsMatthew Ball Yi Jing Landon SullivanVol 19 No. 22Spring 2012
Debiasing the BiasedRichard WatermanVol 19 No. 24Spring 2012
A Methodical Approach for Pricing Flood Insurance and Evaluating Loss Reduction Measures: Application to TexasJeffrey Czajkowski Howard Kunreuther Erwann Michel-KerjanVol 19 No. 21Spring 2012
Managing Catastrophe Risk Using Characteristics EventsKaren ClarkVol 19 No. 11Winter 2012
Master Trading Agreement: A Practical GuideBrokers & Reinsurance Markets AssociationVol 19 No. 12Winter 2012
Hydrofracking - What the Insurance and Reinsurance World Need to KnowRob DiUbaldo Gregory HoffnagleVol 19 No. 13Winter 2012
Evolution of the Bermuda Re/Insurance MarketStefanie Ransom-Becker (Intern)Vol 19 No. 14Winter 2012
Chinese Drywall: The Insurance and Reinsurance Implications of an American NightmareAndrew Boris Michael ConlonVol 18 No. 42Fall 2011
A Reinsurance Sidecar ChecklistKen Pierce Keith AndruschakVol 18 No. 43Fall 2011
A Contract Certain Product: Principles (and Practice) for the US Broker Reinsurance MarketBrokers & Reinsurance Markets AssociationVol 18 No. 44Fall 2011
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Reinsurance IssuesLloyd Gura Andrea FortVol 18 No. 41Fall 2011
ERM in the Insurance and Reinsurance IndustryTowers WatsonVol 18 No. 31Summer 2011
Basics of Insurance Linked SecuritiesDouglas RumlVol 18 No. 33Summer 2011
Florida's 2011 Regular Legislative Session Comprehensive Summary of Key Insurance Related LegislationColodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & AbateVol 18 No. 34Summer 2011
De-Friending the Data BreachMark GreisigerVol 18 No. 32Summer 2011
Disclosure Under Confidentiality Agreements On A Wing and A PrayerMary LopatoVol 18 No. 22Spring 2011
Residential Insurance on the U.S. Gulf Coast In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - A Framework for Evaluating Potential ReformsJim MacDonald Lloyd Dixon Laura ZakarasVol 18 No. 23Spring 2011
"Green Building" and the Insurance Industry With Risk Comes New OpportunitiesJosh David (Intern)Vol 18 No. 24Spring 2011
How Reinsurance Arbitrations Can Be Faster, Cheaper and Better (Revisited)Bob HallVol 18 No. 21Spring 2011
Setoffs in Insurance ReceivershipsStephen Schwab Debra Hall Katherine JahnkeVol 18 No. 14Winter 2011
Troubled Horizon? The Insurance and Reinsurance Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill DisasterMichael Olson Vincent BarberaVol 18 No. 11Winter 2011
Follow the Fortunes: Decisions and Trends in 2010Paul Kanefsky Robert DiUbaldoVol 18 No. 13Winter 2011
The Once and Future New York Insurance ExchangePeter BickfordVol 18 No. 12Winter 2011
Reinsurance Collateral Changes on the HorizonFred Karlinsky Richard FideiVol 17 No. 43Fall 2010
Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: It's Impact on ReinsurersDebra HallVol 17 No. 41Fall 2010
Social Media: Broadcast, Your Reputation, And the ConversationJames HeatonVol 17 No. 44Fall 2010
Earthquake Modeling AdvancesPaolo BazzurroVol 17 No. 42Fall 2010
Mediation in ReinsuranceKatherine Billingham Peter ScarpatoVol 17 No. 33Summer 2010
Coverage Implications Related to the Eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull VolcanoCostantino Suriano Hilary Henkind Frank DeAngelis Frank Montbach Marc HaasVol 17 No. 32Summer 2010
The Run-Off Market: A Regional AnalysisIan Marshall Hubertus Labes Don Wustrow Ricardo CantiloVol 17 No. 34Summer 2010
Florida's 2010 Regular Legislative Session Summary of Major Insurance-Related BilsColodny, Fass, Talenfeld, etalVol 17 No. 31Summer 2010
No Problem: Scottish Lion Solvent Scheme Can Now Proceed to SanctionJoe Bannister Alexander WoodVol 17 No. 22Spring 2010
NCOIL Adopts Model Law: Regulating Credit Default Swaps as InsuranceEileen Bannon Jay Martin Yoo-Kyeong KwonVol 17 No. 21Spring 2010
A New Exposure of the Information Age: Data Breaches of Personal InformationLaurie Kamaiko Joseph GeogheganVol 17 No. 24Spring 2010
Arbitration: New Developments to Bring More Confidence to an Often Maligned SystemDebra HallVol 17 No. 23Spring 2010
Managing the Rising Tide of ClaimsBina DagarVol 17 No. 13Winter 2010
Show Me The Money: When Financial Trouble Strikes Parties to a Reinsurance Trust AgreementMichael Pinsel Daniel Neppl Candace ArmstrongVol 17 No. 12Winter 2010
Subprime Litigation: Where Are the Actual Losses? An UpdateDouglas Henkin Tawfiq RangwalaVol 17 No. 11Winter 2010
Changing the Face, Preserving the Purpose: Restructuring the Louisiana H.O. MarketElizabeth RaglandVol 17 No. 14Winter 2010
"Green" InsurersWendy Barnard, etalVol 16 No. 44Fall 2009
The Continued Development of Commutations in Live and Run-Off MarketsMark Haywood Chris ReichowVol 16 No. 43Fall 2009
The Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Potential Reinsurance ExposuresDaniel Neppl Sarah NewmanVol 16 No. 41Fall 2009
What's New in Reinsurance Contract WordingKathleen CarrollVol 16 No. 42Fall 2009
The History and Future of ILW ContractsEnda McDonnellVol 16 No. 32Summer 2009
The Current State of Catastrophe ModelingKaren ClarkVol 16 No. 31Summer 2009
The Rescue of AIG and the Impact on Insurance RegulationDavid Alberts Vikram SidhuVol 16 No. 33Summer 2009
A Bad Faith Storm is BrewingLori NugentVol 16 No. 34Summer 2009
Follow the Fortunes and Allocation: An UpdatePeter Chaffetz Cecilia MossVol 16 No. 23Spring 2009
Coping With the CDS Crisis: Lessons Learned From the LMX SpiralWilliam O'Neill Nilam Sharma Michael Carolan Zainab CharchafchiVol 16 No. 21Spring 2009
Reinsurance Regulation in the U.S.: An Opportunity to Move Into the 21st CenturyTracey LawsVol 16 No. 22Spring 2009
Nuclear Insurance: Where Does It Fit in the Green Generation?Richard JonesVol 16 No. 24Spring 2009
Reinsurance Arbitration Reform: Is It Time for a Mediation Option and Discovery Limits?James Harrington William StanhopeVol 16 No. 13Winter 2009
Catastrophe Coverage in China: Issues and OpinionsDorian Kusznir (Intern)Vol 16 No. 12Winter 2009
Fiduciary Liability Insurance: Safe From Sub-Prime or a Ticking Time Bomb?Doug RarigVol 16 No. 11Winter 2009
Reinsurance Arbitration Clauses Through the Looking Glass; Practical Questions Raised by New Contract TermsJames FosterVol 16 No. 14Winter 2009
The Emergence of Takaful and Retakaful CompaniesAnne FosterVol 15 No. 43Fall 2008
Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards The Challenge of the Supreme Court's DecisionAndrew Boris Michael ConlonVol 15 No. 44Fall 2008
Climate Change: Risk Management IssuesRobin OlsonVol 15 No. 42Fall 2008
Catastrophe Risk in Florida: Efforts to Manage the UnmanageableFred Karlinsky Richard FideiVol 15 No. 41Fall 2008
Dispute Resolution: An International PerspectiveJonathan Sacher Neil OwnVol 15 No. 34Summer 2008
Mandatory Flood Coverage: Including the ExcludedGreg NelsonVol 15 No. 32Summer 2008
Presentation of Aggregated Non-Products Asbestos ClaimsDaniel Neppl Anna SchumakerVol 15 No. 33Summer 2008
Managing Large-Scale Risks In a New ERA of CatastrophesWharton School, etalVol 15 No. 31Summer 2008
Navigating the Insurance/Reinsurance Linked Securitization Market: Charting New Paths: Political TempestsCliff Schoenberg Jeffrey BurmanVol 15 No. 22Spring 2008
Arbitrators' Subpoena Powers and Federal EnforcementDan NepplVol 15 No. 24Spring 2008
What's the State of Your State? E&O Risk Uneven Across the CountryJulia ChuVol 15 No. 21Spring 2008
Calculating Economic CapitalIan Farr Joe Lebens Hubert Mueller Mark ScanlonVol 15 No. 23Spring 2008
Declaratory Judgement Expenses: The Issue That Just Won't Go AwayTom KlemmVol 15 No. 12Winter 2008
Reinsurance in Southeast AsiaDoug RumlVol 15 No. 13Winter 2008
2007 Florida Property Insurance Reforms: OR Pray-As-You-GoDavid Hoyt (Intern)Vol 15 No. 14Winter 2008
Is It the End for McCarran Ferguson? An EC Roadmap for ConsiderationPatricia Sullivan Marc VosesVol 15 No. 11Winter 2008
The IRU, Inc.: The Evolution of an Industry ForceVariousVol 14 No. 44Fall 2007
Comparison of American and English Law on RescissionBenjamin Gonson Edward BensonVol 14 No. 42Fall 2007
Integrating Catastrophe Modeling into UnderwritingDavid Langdon Kathy BellVol 14 No. 41Fall 2007
Reinsurance in the Context of Insurance M&A Transactions: RevisitedMichael Goldman Sean KeyvanVol 14 No. 43Fall 2007
Management of Discontinued Operations The US and UK ApproachesJay TuckermanVol 14 No. 32Summer 2007
Issues in Arbitration: Selected Legal Concepts for Non-LawyersCharles Fortune Shannon LegerVol 14 No. 33Summer 2007
Confidentiality in Arbitrations: Are We Only Hiding from Ourselves:Keith Dotseth Melissa WeldonVol 14 No. 34Summer 2007
Managing the Cycle - Can It Be Done?Rolf TolleVol 14 No. 31Summer 2007
Achieving Contact Certainty in an International MarketplaceNeal Moglin Dan SailsVol 14 No. 21Spring 2007
ERM: No Longer a Nice-to-HavePaul HorganVol 14 No. 22Spring 2007
Nuclear Risks in Property Insurance and Limitations of InsurabilityGeorges Galey Sebastian ReitsmaVol 14 No. 23Spring 2007
Creating Insurance Innovation Through a Services OrientationJamie BiskerVol 14 No. 24Spring 2007
Reinsurance Arbitrations: It's All in the Point of ViewEugene WollanVol 14 No. 11Winter 2007
IRMA Will Transform the Relationship Between Reinsurers and ReceiversJohn GavinVol 14 No. 12Winter 2007
The Reinsurance Underwriting Audit: An Essential ProcessBina DagarVol 14 No. 14Winter 2007
Solveny II: Preparing for the Dawn of a New DayFrank Achtert Arthur WhiteVol 14 No. 13Winter 2007
Judicial Consolidation of Arbitrations From Chaos to PredictabilityJoseph SanoVol 13 No. 44Fall 2006
How Do You Catch a Cloud and Pin It Down? Solving the Problem of Insurance for Hurricane KatrinaRandy ManiloffVol 13 No. 41Fall 2006
Final Report of the Special Task Force on Insurance Company Run-Off and ReorganizationHarold Bingham Jon Arsenault, etalVol 13 No. 42Fall 2006
Disposing of Discontinued Operation: UK Part VII Transfers and Schemes of Arrangement in the UKNigel Montgomery Antony Newman Ken WylieVol 13 No. 43Fall 2006
Reinsurance Regulations: An Analysis of Proposed Legislative ChangesSharon SonnettVol 13 No. 33Summer 2006
Bermuda: From Pushbikes to SidecarsRoger CrombieVol 13 No. 31Summer 2006
Federalization of Insurance/Reinsurance: A Good Idea?Michael HaravonVol 13 No. 34Summer 2006
The Catastrophe Bond Market 2005: Riding Out the StormsChristopher McGheeVol 13 No. 32Summer 2006
The Errors and Omissions Clause: The Duct Tape of Reinsurance?David NewkirkVol 13 No. 23Spring 2006
Terrorism Risk Insurance Act: Industry Implications and the Uncertain FutureMallory Straka (Intern)Vol 13 No. 24Spring 2006
Lloyd's: A Decade of Evolution After 300 YearsSean McDermottVol 13 No. 22Spring 2006
Underwriting Catastrophe Risk: Post Hurricane KatrinaBill ChurneyVol 13 No. 21Spring 2006
Reinsurers and Hedge Funds: Walk, Don't RunRichard MajorVol 13 No. 12Winter 2006
In-House Counsels' Suggestions for Managing the Arbitration ProcessDavid Brodnan Mark Kareken James Sporleder Martin CillickVol 13 No. 14Winter 2006
Reinsurance Implications of the 2005 Hurricane SeasonRod ThalerVol 13 No. 11Winter 2006
The Future of Solvent Schemes of Arrangement for Insurance Run-OffNicolas Bugler Roger Loo Peter Ivanick Lynn RobertsVol 13 No. 13Winter 2006
The Evolution of Risk Retention GroupsGary OsborneVol 12 No. 42Fall 2005
TRIA and BeyondWharton SchoolVol 12 No. 41Fall 2005
Basically the Same but Different: A Comparative Analysis of English and American Reinsurance ArbitrationsRichard Leedham Jim Stinson Joshua G. UrquhartVol 12 No. 44Fall 2005
The Impact of Class Action ReformErin NultyVol 12 No. 43Fall 2005
Arbitrator Qualification and Disqualification Issues in Reinsurance DisputesSandra StevensVol 12 No. 33Summer 2005
Transferring Risk - Transferring Risk Under Non-Traditional Reinsurance Transactions: Issues and ConcernsJack Scott, Esq.Vol 12 No. 31Summer 2005
Procedures for the Resolution of U.S. Insurance and Reinsurance DisputesRobert M. Hall
Debra Hall
Vol 12 No. 32Summer 2005
Tsunami Risks - What Insurers and Reinsurers Need to KnowWilliam Graf Paul Somerville Hong Kie Thio Gene IchinoseVol 12 No. 34Summer 2005
Should We Expect More Hurricane Seasons Like 2004?Jayanta Guin
Bill Churney
Vol 12 No. 35Summer 2005
America and Britian: The Clash of Two Cultures A Tale of Mutual Arrogance…And RespectJulian WardVol 12 No. 24Spring 2005
The Effect of the Wallace and Gale Decision: A Potential for More Disputes Among Insurers and ReinsurersAndrew BorisVol 12 No. 23Spring 2005
Should We Expect More Hurricane Seasons Like 2004Dr. Jayanta Guin Bill ChurneyVol 12 No. 21Spring 2005
Reinsurance for CaptivesHugh Rosenbaum David O'ConorVol 12 No. 22Spring 2005
Only Time Will Tell: D&O Implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley ActKevin Flynn Marnie GoldgrubVol 12 No. 11Winter 2005
Reinsurance Regulation in the European UnionNicholas HuttonVol 12 No. 13Winter 2005
Adding Value and Helping to Grow Clients with Surplus Notes and Trust Preferred SecuritiesMichael Davis (intern)Vol 12 No. 14Winter 2005
Follow the Allocations: Through Seven Provinces, Across the North River, and to the Gerling WallRobert BadgleyVol 12 No. 12Winter 2005
Capital Consumption: An Alternative Methodology for Pricing ReinsuranceDon MangoVol 11 No. 44Fall 2004
Coping with a Reinsurance InspectionNigel CurtisVol 11 No. 43Fall 2004
The Secondary Life Insurance Market: Not Just a Fraud ProblemStephen Baker Jason Gosselin John DempseyVol 11 No. 42Fall 2004
The Value of Engineering Input in Seismic Risk StudiesWilliam GrafVol 11 No. 41Fall 2004
DJ Expenses: Recent Instructive CasesBrian GreenVol 11 No. 33Summer 2004
Contingent Business Interruption Claims: Filing and Recovery IssuesGerald MotejunasVol 11 No. 31Summer 2004
Out of the Shadows - Casting Light on the Hidden World of Run-OffDarryl Ashbourne Steve GoodludVol 11 No. 34Summer 2004
A Sleepig Giant Stirs: Insurance Coverage and Intellectual Property Infringement ClaimsShaun Baldwin Daniel GrahamVol 11 No. 32Summer 2004
Coming of Age (Arbitration Issues)Linda Dakin-GrimmVol 11 No. 23Spring 2004
Reinsurance Security - Times Have ChangedRod ThalerVol 11 No. 24Spring 2004
Reinsurance Security - Times Have ChangedRod ThalerVol 11 No. 21Spring 2004
Cutting-Through Koken v. Legion ,The Doctrine of Third-Party LiabilityDeborah CottonVol 11 No. 22Spring 2004
Alternative Risk Transfer Techniques in Tough Insurance TimesMary Cannon VeedVol 11 No. 13Winter 2004
Opened Window on Crop InsuranceNicolas ChatelainVol 11 No. 11Winter 2004
Coverage of Bad Faith Under ECO ProvisionsBen Gonson Edward BensonVol 11 No. 12Winter 2004
D&O Liability: A Microcosm of Today's Insurance ClimateAndrew Knight (Intern)Vol 11 No. 15Winter 2004
FAS 133 Implementation Issue B36: Implications for Financial Reporting of ReinsuranceRebecca Wang Tara HansenVol 11 No. 14Winter 2004
No More Mr. Nice GuyJames CameronVol 10 No. 42Fall 2003
Assignment of Reinsurance Contract RightsLouis Aurichio Kristen BrownVol 10 No. 44Fall 2003
Ceded Reinsurance Challenges in a Hard MarketPeter BeresfordVol 10 No. 41Fall 2003
Medical Professional Liability Not for the Faint of HeartDeborah RopelewskiVol 10 No. 43Fall 2003
The Coming Storm (The Changing Nature of Risk)Bob HilleVol 10 No. 34Summer 2003
Class Actions in AmericaLisa BondurantVol 10 No. 32Summer 2003
The Broker as a Target of Discovery in Reinsurance ArbitrationsSusan Stone
Tom Cunningham
Vol 10 No. 33Summer 2003
The Evolution of Terrorism Risk ModelingDr. Gordon WooVol 10 No. 31Summer 2003
Disadvantages to American Litigants In International Reinsurance DisputesLewis HassettVol 10 No. 24Spring 2003
U.S. Terrorism Risk Insurance Act An Initial Critical ReviewTom PlayerVol 10 No. 21Spring 2003
Reinsurance Issues in Liquidation Guaranty Association ConcernsBarbara CoxVol 10 No. 22Spring 2003
Industry Standards: A Common Ground for Business Success Rick GilmanVol 10 No. 23Spring 2003
Asbestos Claims – Will They Ever End?John O'ConnorVol 10 No. 11Winter 2003
Terrorism: Beyond the DestructionAndrew Torr (Intern)Vol 10 No. 13Winter 2003
The Evolution of Genetic Engineering Exposures and Its Impact on Insurers and ReinsurersAlice MartinVol 10 No. 14Winter 2003
2002 D&O Insurance White Paper Understanding Board Member RiskWilliam Cotter
Christopher Barbee
Vol 10 No. 12Winter 2003
Shareholder Value Pushing the Market CyclePhillip Britton
Robert Illius
Douglas Ruml
Vol 09 No. 44Fall 2002
Mold Update: A Musty Year for InsurersJohn Hailey
Laurie Kamaiko
Charles Gfeller
Vol 09 No. 42Fall 2002
Finite Risk in the Post-Enron EnvironmentEd HochbergVol 09 No. 41Fall 2002
Reinsurance Regulation in the United States: A Primer on the Regulator’s Ability to Monitor SolvencyGary Hernandez
Sean McEneaney
Vol 09 No. 43Fall 2002
Focus on Insurance Education: The Value of Insurance and Reinsurance Underwriting Knowledge Post 9/11Connor HarrisonVol 09 No. 33Summer 2002
Caveat Reinsurer: Reinsuring Punitive Damages Under ECO ClausesLarry Schiffer William BodkinVol 09 No. 32Summer 2002
The Growth and Importance of ARIAS-US in Resolving Insurance and Reinsurance DisputesMark Gurevitz
Richard Kennedy
Vol 09 No. 34Summer 2002
Role of Catastrophe Modeling in Alternative Risk TransferBeverly Porter
S. Ming Lee
Vol 09 No. 31Summer 2002
Waiver, Ratification and Estoppel in
Reinsurance Disputes: When Can a Reinsurer Lose a Defense Before it is Even Asserted?
Laurie KamaikoVol 09 No. 23Spring 2002
Audit Early, Audit Often: The Basics of Reinsurance AuditingJack IgnatowitzVol 09 No. 22Spring 2002
The Development of the Bermuda Reinsurance MarketDennis HigginbottomVol 09 No. 21Spring 2002
The Concept of Admissibility: The Utility of the Law of Evidence to the Arbitrator H. Richard UvillerVol 09 No. 24Spring 2002
Cyber Risk: The Greatest Threat to The Insurance Industry for the 21st CenturyJed Berry (Intern)Vol 09 No. 14Winter 2002
Global Reinsurance: The Challenge of Dealing With Cross Cultural Ethical ConflictsRobert CooperVol 09 No. 13Winter 2002
Convergence in the Weather Risk MarketsErik BanksVol 09 No. 11Winter 2002
Catastrophe Models: Where They Came From and Where They're GoingBeverly Porter
Uday Virkud
Vol 09 No. 12Winter 2002
The MGA Model: Can It Survive a Hard MarketWayne CarterVol 08 No. 43Fall 2001
Expert Testimony in Reinsurance Arbitrations A Reasoned ApproachLori NugentVol 08 No. 44Fall 2001
The Lloyd's Market
Past, Present, and Future
Wendy BakerVol 08 No. 41Fall 2001
Identifying and Recovering Reinsurance:
A Receiver's Perspective
Dennis HayesVol 08 No. 42Fall 2001
ASIA - An Insurer/Reinsurer PerspectiveNilam SharmaVol 08 No. 32Summer 2001
Treatment of ECO and XPL Exposures BRMA's AnalysisBRMA Claims SubcommitteeVol 08 No. 35Summer 2001
Aggregate Reinsurance:
The Finite Perspective
Stephen YoungVol 08 No. 34Summer 2001
Reinsurance Coverages for Declaratory Judgement ExpenseDavid AttisaniVol 08 No. 31Summer 2001
Loss Recoveries from Equitas U.S. Litigation IssuesEllen Robbins
Robert O'Keefe
Vol 08 No. 33Summer 2001
The Follow the Fortunes Doctrine in American CourtsPaul HummerVol 08 No. 23Spring 2001
Commercial Union v. Seven Provinces and Reinsurance Allocation: Tempest or Much Ado About Nothing?Kathryn BroderickVol 08 No. 24Spring 2001
Treatment of ECO and XPL Exposures BRMA's AnalysisBRMA Claims SubcommitteeVol 08 No. 22Spring 2001
Reinsurance Claims Professionals Endangered Species?Thomas DalyVol 08 No. 21Spring 2001
Bringing Reinsurance to the 21st Century The BRMA Electronic InitiativeDoug RofranoVol 08 No. 13Winter 2001
Reinsurance Regulation in a Global Marketplace A View from the United StatesDebra HallVol 08 No. 12Winter 2001
Contingent Capital: Reinsurance In Banking ClothesDavid ColarossiVol 08 No. 11Winter 2001
Risk Trading for the New MillenniumFrancis FortunatoVol 08 No. 14Winter 2001
Moving Insurance Securitization OnshoreDavid AlbertsVol 07 No. 42Fall 2000
Footprints from the Tar PitStephen TirneyVol 07 No. 41Fall 2000
Reinsurance Accounting Principles No. 2001 Preparing for CodificationMyles TilleyVol 07 No. 44Fall 2000
Electronic Contracts in the Reinsurance IndustryJohn Franczyk
Randi Elias
Vol 07 No. 43Fall 2000
"Stop the World, We Want to Get Off" (The Demise of the International Inwards Reinsurance Market in Australia)John DaileyVol 07 No. 32Summer 2000
Equitas - An Intermediary's PerspectiveJohn HibbertVol 07 No. 34Summer 2000
A Guide to the Insurance Aspects of Financial Reform - Understanding the Gramm-Leach-Bliley ActRobert H. Myers
S. Roy Woodall, Jr.
Vol 07 No. 31Summer 2000
Mediation to Resolve Reinsurance DisputesRichard WatermanVol 07 No. 33Summer 2000
Reinsurance in Brazil: The Rough Road to PrivatizationTom Morante
Hale Sheppard
Vol 07 No. 21Spring 2000
The Evolutionary Impact of EDI and eCommerce On Reinsurance TransactionsC. Carl DodsonVol 07 No. 22Spring 2000
Discovery and Privilege: Protecting Reinsurance Communications in an Uncertain Legal LandscapeEllen Burrows
John O'Leary
Vol 07 No. 23Spring 2000
Reinsurance Education: Multiple Approaches, New OptionsDouglas RumlVol 07 No. 24Spring 2000
Unique Features of Surety ReinsuranceLindsay DoeringVol 07 No. 14Winter 2000
Dynamic Financial Analysis in the New MillenniumTom HettingerVol 07 No. 11Winter 2000
INEX - An Emerging Global Risk AlternativeJeff LehmanVol 07 No. 12Winter 2000
Compromise Awards: A Summary of the LawMark Hansel
David Weiss
Vol 07 No. 13Winter 2000
Reinsurance: Searching to Find the True Meaning of WordsAndrew BandurkaVol 06 No. 52Fall 1999
Neutrality Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be: In Defense of the "Traditional" Arbitration PanelLinda LasleyVol 06 No. 53Fall 1999
Weathering the "Sue and Labor" StormDick BennettVol 06 No. 51Fall 1999
"Unibomber" Strikes Workers' Compensation MarketKeith BonifaceVol 06 No. 54Fall 1999
The Benefits and Detriments of Litigation for Coverage DisputesJ Donald TierneyVol 06 No. 43Summer 1999
The Early (Really Early) History of InsuranceRichard G RudolphVol 06 No. 44Summer 1999
Insurance Data and Intellectual Property IssuesAlan WickmanVol 06 No. 42Summer 1999
Effectively Pricing Commercial Property Reinsurance: An End to the Hit-or-Miss ApproachNolan E AschVol 06 No. 41Summer 1999
To the Shareholders of Berkshire HathawayWarren E BuffettVol 06 No. 31Spring 1999
The Insured Filed for Bankruptcy: What's Next for the Insurer?Eric L Routman
Jason D Altman
Vol 06 No. 32Spring 1999
Exploring the Effect of the Convergence of Insurance/Reinsurance and the Capital MarketsRichard SandorVol 06 No. 33Spring 1999
Munich Re’s Review of Natural Catastrophes in 1998MunichRe’s Geoscience Research Group, Dr. Gerhard Berz, DirectorVol 06 No. 35Spring 1999
Considerations for the Arbitration of Insurance Coverage DisputesFrank LattalVol 06 No. 34Spring 1999
From Buenos Aires to Boston -Information is the Key to Insurance ProfitabilityFred R MarconVol 06 No. 22Winter 1999
Solvency Issues of International Reinsurance CompaniesMark Cross
Robert Hershbarger
Vol 06 No. 23Winter 1999
Minimizing and Managing Coverage Disputes - Is ADR Always the Answer?Harold J MoskowitzVol 06 No. 24Winter 1999
Capital Markets as a Source of Risk Transfer CapacityMichael W ElliottVol 06 No. 21Winter 1999
Who Will Pay for Y2K?Beth Briner (Intern)Vol 06 No. 14Fall 1998
Report on Global Reinsurance: Its Current Condition and Its FutureAlam MurrayVol 06 No. 12Fall 1998
Megamergers in Brokerage - Global Impact on Price, Product, Service and AvailabilityJohn ReeveVol 06 No. 11Fall 1998
How Will the Concentration of Reinsurers Influence World Markets?Rudolf FickerVol 06 No. 13Fall 1998
Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance: Slow Growth & Sharpening CompetitionHarry ComninellisVol 05 No. 43Summer 1998
Retroactive Policy Amendments & the "Follow the Fortunes" DoctrineDon FrechetteVol 05 No. 44Summer 1998
Understanding the Connection between Business Insurance & Re-EngineeringKlaus Gebhardt
Peter Kelly
Vol 05 No. 41Summer 1998
Research on the Internet: Tips & Techniques for Insurance ProfessionalsGreg NelsonVol 05 No. 42Summer 1998
Underwriting Earthquake Property Risks in the New Madrid Seismic ZoneJames Baldwin
Peter Kelly
Vol 05 No. 31Spring 1998
Natural Catastrophes of 1997Munich ReinsuranceVol 05 No. 33Spring 1998
China - Opportunities and Obstacles for the Insurance Industry in an Emerging CountryCPCU Society Charlotte NC ChapterVol 05 No. 32Spring 1998
The Impact of Late Notice on Excess Insurance ClaimsDonald E FrechetteVol 05 No. 25Winter 1998
The Calamity Y2K May Bring ReinsurersEmily CaneloVol 05 No. 22Winter 1998
An Analysis of the Hawaii Hurricane FundDavid C MarlettVol 05 No. 23Winter 1998
What Am I Bid? An Endgame for ReceivershipsKenneth R Cone
Richard L White
Vol 05 No. 21Winter 1998
Too Little Reinsurance of Natural Disasters in Many MarketsSwiss Reinsurance CompanyVol 05 No. 24Winter 1998
Aggregation and Allocation of Losses under Casualty Excess of Loss Reinsurance AgreementsRobert F WilderVol 05 No. 12Fall 1997
Final Dividend Liquidation Plans: Whither Reinsurers?Nick PearsonVol 05 No. 14Fall 1997
"If It's Not Signed, It's Not "Reinsurance"!BRMAVol 05 No. 13Fall 1997
Restructuring Regulation for Developing Insurance MarketsRobert W Klein
Martin F Grace
Harold D Skipper
Vol 05 No. 11Fall 1997
Caution Urged for Reinsurers Handling Claims of Failed InsurerJames W CarbinVol 04 No. 44Summer 1997
Zen and the Art of Reinsurance UnderwritingGraham J DimmockVol 04 No. 42Summer 1997
Tobacco Liabilility - Are Insurers About o Get Burned?John R CashinVol 04 No. 43Summer 1997
ALM Modeling and Portfolio OptimizationTed CackowskiVol 04 No. 41Summer 1997
Evaluating Variations in Contract Terms for Casualty Clash Reinsurance TreatiesEmily Canelo
Bryan Wade
Vol 04 No. 31Spring 1997
Re-Orienting Organizational Structure and Culture For GrowthJohn CloneyVol 04 No. 34Spring 1997
Loss Development and Annual Aggregate DeductiblesVincent P ConnorVol 04 No. 33Spring 1997
The Catastrophe Numbering System, Event Identification and Loss EstimationGary R KerneyVol 04 No. 32Spring 1997
Increased Reinsurance Litigation and Its ImplicationsSanford E BalickVol 04 No. 21Winter 1997
Buying (or Selling) a Capital Idea: CBOT's Catastrophe Options MarketMichael HimickVol 04 No. 22Winter 1997
The Real Impact of Being on the Technology EdgeG Larry WilsonVol 04 No. 23Winter 1997
Reinsurance: Challenges in the New MilleniumJames F DuffyVol 04 No. 24Winter 1997
Risk Transfer in the Financial Markets vs. Traditional ReinsuranceDr. Wolf Otto BauerVol 04 No. 12Fall 1996
In the Matter of the Liquidation of Union Indemnity Ins. Co. et al vs. The NY Insurance SuperintendentJames W CarbinVol 04 No. 16Fall 1996
The Evolution of the Florida Cat FundPaul WaltherVol 04 No. 11Fall 1996
Will the International Financial Markets Replace Traditional Reinsurance?Hady WakefieldVol 04 No. 13Fall 1996
Financial Markets Will Play Limited Reinsurance RoleDr. Juergen ZechVol 04 No. 14Fall 1996
Consolidation= Evolution? Inside the TrendDan Sheehan (Intern)Vol 04 No. 15Fall 1996
Catastrophe Reinsurance Underwriting - the Past and the FutureKaren M Clark
Beth M Richardson
Vol 03 No. 41Summer 1996
A Review of Insurance Regulation & New Reinsurance ProductsStephen J Paris
Rhonda Rittenberg
Arlene Polonsky
Vol 03 No. 42Summer 1996
Revolutionary Change Best Handled with Continuing EducationEdward B JobeVol 03 No. 43Summer 1996
Ninth Circuit Rejects Implied “Follow the Settlements” Clause in Reinsurance PolicyJames W CarbinVol 03 No. 45Summer 1996
Insurance Fire Marks -Bygone Safeguards against Loss by FireRonald Gift MullinsVol 03 No. 44Summer 1996
Reinsurers' Evolving Attitudes on Catastrophe CoversRobert Lippincott III
David D Wood
Vol 03 No. 34Spring 1996
An Update of the Global Warming DebateRobert C Balling, Jr.Vol 03 No. 33Spring 1996
The California Earthquake Authority -A Possible Solution to the Risk of Earthquake InsuranceJohn P DrennanVol 03 No. 31Spring 1996
The Bermuda Market - Access to Catastrophe ProtectionHerbert HaagVol 03 No. 32Spring 1996
Catastrophe Risk Management - Fulfilling the DemandTed BlanchVol 03 No. 21Winter 1995
Superfund ReformLaura D Robinson (Intern)Vol 03 No. 24Winter 1995
Funding Catastrophe Exposures in the 1990s and Beyond: Traditional Solutions & New ApproachesAnthony J KuczinskiVol 03 No. 23Winter 1995
Loss Reserving for Property & Casualty ReinsurersDavid S. PowellVol 03 No. 22Winter 1995
Reinsurance Accounting: Schedule FSholom FeldblumVol 03 No. 11Fall 1995
Current Topics in Rescission of Reinsurance ContractsP Jay Walker
Edward K Lenci
Vol 03 No. 12Fall 1995
An Overview of Lloyd'sPeter K DemmerleVol 03 No. 13Fall 1995
Underwriting Coverage for Computer Exposures in the 1990s and BeyondJennifer S AshbyVol 02 No. 44Summer 1995
Conditional Fee LitigationClive BoxerVol 02 No. 42Summer 1995
Management Development in Changing OrganizationsLukas MuehlmannVol 02 No. 46Summer 1995
The Changing Face of the Insurance ExecutiveRobert A AnkarVol 02 No. 45Summer 1995
The Impact of Current Legal & Regulatory Developments on Insurance Companies' Environmental LiabilitiesDouglas E Gladstone
Lynne M Miller
Vol 02 No. 43Summer 1995
Insurance Archeology: A Strategic Tool for the Reinsurance IndustrySheila MulrennanVol 02 No. 41Summer 1995
Medical Cost Containment Measures in Florida's Workers Compensation SystemCliff SchmidtVol 02 No. 34Spring 1995
A Method for Determining Asset Adequacy for an Insurance Company by Using Projections of OperationsDavid V SmithVol 02 No. 35Spring 1995
Reinsurance in Developing CountriesJ Francois OutrevilleVol 02 No. 33Spring 1995
Issues in the Reinsurance of Excess PoliciesK Scott NorrisVol 02 No. 32Spring 1995
Pricing Extra-Contractual Obligations & Excess of Policy Limits Exposures in Clash Reinsurance TreatiesPaul Braithwaite
Bryan Ware
Vol 02 No. 31Spring 1995
The Workers Compensation Reinsurance BureauGary G VenterVol 02 No. 25Winter 1994
The Arrival of the Bermuda Reinsurance MarketsDouglas R Weiler (intern)Vol 02 No. 24Winter 1994
Assignments of Causes of Action and Coblentz AgreementsRichard M Dunn
Sherril M Colombo
Vol 02 No. 23Winter 1994
Junk Science and Electromagnetic Field RadiationWilliam M KinneyVol 02 No. 21Winter 1994
Global Warming, Hurricanes & Coastal Flooding: Why the Data MatterSallie BaliunasVol 02 No. 22Winter 1994
Capacity of the Reinsurance IndustryEdwin H Duett
Robert A Hershbarger
Vol 02 No. 14Fall 1994
The Analysis of Risk-Based Capital" Is It Better Than Other Regulatory Tools?John BrattonVol 02 No. 11Fall 1994
Arbitrating Reinsurance Disputes in the Year of the Cats: Considering the OptionsP Jay Walker
Edward K Lenci
Vol 02 No. 12Fall 1994
Funded-Cover Reinsurance: The Evolution of an Emerging Accounting IssueWayne S Upton, Jr.Vol 02 No. 13Fall 1994
Developing Theories of Liability Against Reinsurers & Discovery Issues Affecting ReinsurersScott O ReedVol 01 No. 42Summer 1994
Insurance Liberalization In JapanGordon J CloneyVol 01 No. 44Summer 1994
Analysis of Stop Loss Reinsurance ContractsChandrasekhar Mishra
Jorge L Urrutia
Vol 01 No. 43Summer 1994
Reinsurance Loss Settlement Clauses in the Courts: A Legal Analysis Of a Reinsurer's Obligation to IndemnifyWilliam C HoffmanVol 01 No. 41Summer 1994
What Will Tomorrow Bring? A Glimpse Into The Future Of The U.S. Legal SystemStephen A CozenVol 01 No. 45Summer 1994
Coverage ConundrumJames F Johnson IV
Alan J Maguire
Joseph G Hissong
Vol 01 No. 34Spring 1994
Hurricane Andrew: Insurer Losses and ConcentrationsClaude C Lilly III
Jack E Nicholson
Kevin L Eastman
Vol 01 No. 33Spring 1994
Japanese-United States TradeSotaro AokiVol 01 No. 35Spring 1994
The Effect of Changes in Life Insurance Products on Life ReinsuranceArther M B HoganVol 01 No. 32Spring 1994
Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For the Insurance IndustryJoseph R FrancicaVol 01 No. 36Spring 1994
The North American Free Trade Agreement: Is the Grass Greener On the Other Side of the Border?Michael J Merlo
Kelly M Burke
Vol 01 No. 31Spring 1994
Standby Letters of CreditD E JacksonVol 01 No. 27Winter 1993
Calculating the Hedging Layer For a Synthetic Reinsurance ContractJoseph B Cole
Richard L Sandor
Vol 01 No. 23Winter 1993
Climate Change: Extreme Events and Society's ResponsePier Vellinga
Richard S J Tol
Vol 01 No. 25Winter 1993
Predicting Trading Activity for Catastrophe Insurance FuturesMary Ann Boose
A Steven Graham
Vol 01 No. 24Winter 1993
Fronting Regulation & Captive ReinsuranceRoger Borgen
Robert M Hunt
Vol 01 No. 21Winter 1993
Climate Change & the Future Security of the Reinsurance Market: recent Developments & Upcoming IssuesJeremy LeggettVol 01 No. 26Winter 1993
Aggregate Coverage under Reinsurance Contracts John Cannon
Marilyn McLaughlin
James J Phair
Richard M Shaw
Vol 01 No. 11Fall 1993
Evolving Environmental Impairment Liability: Is the EC heading towards a US-Style Liability Crisis?Patrick PeugeotVol 01 No. 13Fall 1993
How Wall Street Views Insurance/Reinsurance Stocks post Hurricane AndrewIra H MalisVol 01 No. 14Fall 1993
Coverage Conundrum: Reinsurance Recoverability of the Costs of Coverage DisputesJames F Johnson IV
Alan J Maguire
Joseph G Hissong
Vol 01 No. 12Fall 1993
Reinsurance Program Serves as Source of Specialized KnowledgeMichael W ElliottVol 01 No. 16Fall 1993
A Review of Business Liability Insurance in the 1980sSean F MooneyVol 01 No. 15Fall 1993