Honorary Members

The Following Persons Have Been Awarded Honorary Memberships

Honorary Memberships are conferred upon recommendation of the Board of Directors to individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the mission and goals of the Association.

Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues, shall have no voting privileges nor be eligible for election to office or appointment to the Board. They may, however, be appointed to committees ex officio and invited to attend all IRU meetings. Honorary members shall be subject to reconfirmation annually by the Board of Directors at the regular meeting held closest to the Annual Meeting.

  1. Norb Berg
  2. Enus Burigana
  3. Daniel Burke
  4. W. Lockwood Burt
  5. Robert A. Calinoff, Esq.
  6. Mark W. Christie
  7. Donald Cole
  8. Robert E. Evans, Jr.
  9. Edward Gschwind
  10. David E. Gustafson
  11. Richard Haskins
  12. Kenneth Johnson
  13. Gary Kreuger
  14. Claude C. Lilly
  15. Robert Lippincott, III
  16. K. Scott Norris
  17. Gordon Olver
  18. Anthony Przybyszewski
  19. Gerald Radke
  20. Robert C. Reinarz
  21. Merrill Russell
  22. William “Bill” Rutledge
  23. Robert Van Sant
  24. Paul Walther
  25. Anthony Joseph
  26. John N. Reinman
  27. James A. Brost
  28. Michael C. Sowa
  29. Francis V. Bigley, Jr.
  30. Kevin Shea
  31. Jeremy R. Wallis
  32. Brian Quinn
  33. Virgil Maxwell
  34. Robin Kelly