IRUA Congratulates Our First 2 Basic Syllabus Program Graduates!

July 31st, 2023

The IRUA is happy to announce our first two graduates of the IRUA Basic Syllabus program. Cayce McGinnis, CPCU, ARe, ANIS, AFIS, Reinsurance Claims Analyst and Austin Whetstone, Reinsurance Underwriter, both of Farmers Mutual Hail of Iowa.

Late in 2020, the IRUA introduced this new educational initiative aimed at those who have just entered, or newer entrants with just a few  years of experience, in the industry. It is intended to be an “Introduction to Reinsurance” or primer of twelve basic topics and is being offered on a repeating two-year cycle.    A Certificate will be awarded to those participants who complete 10 of the 12 topics listed and graduates are invited to attend the Annual Conference at a substantial discount.

Congratulations, Cayce and Austin!

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