Advertising & Sponsorship

Conference Program Advertising

The Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association is pleased to announce the sale of advertisements in its Conference programs, please respond promptly if you have an interest in specific space(s).

Advertising Rates:

Corporate, organization, agency and vendor advertising rates are the same and are listed below:

Back Cover: $2,500.00
Inside Front Cover: $2,000.00
Inside Back Cover: $1,500.00
Full Page: $1,000.00
Half Page: $ 800.00
Quarter Page: $ 500.00

Ad Specifications:

  • Flat size 8-1/2×11, Finished size 5-1/2×8-1/2, plus bleeds.
  • Color of Black and White are available. See Rate Schedules.
  • Full Page: with Bleeds, Black & White only (5-3/4″x8-3/4″).
  • Full Page: Black & White Only (5×8).
  • Half Page: Black & White only (5-1/2×4-1/4 horizontal).
  • Quarter Page: Black & White only (2-3/4×4-1/4 vertical).

Mechanical Requirements: [Digital Files accepted only]

  • Black & White: Final file should include the images, fonts and final file in MS Publisher, PageMaker 6.5, and or Illustrator 8.0.
  • Please supply paper prints or velox proofs with disk.
  • Bleed size should be 5-3/4″x8-3/4″.

Camera Ready Art Requirements:

  • Advertiser must furnish negatives (right ready down, minimum 133 line screen, maximum 150 line screen) or mechanicals.
  • All photographs must be cropped and keyed to stated mechanicals. Acceptable Output Black/White Ads: Linotronic, film, stats, veloxes, PMTs, mechanicals or other professional output methods.
  • Please NOTE, the following ARE NOT CAMERA-READY and will not be accepted:
    Printed brochures, faxes, photocopies, stationery, business cards, dot-matrix printouts, inkjet printouts.

Disk Requirements:

  • Files can be accepted in the following formats: on Zip or Cdrom, MS Publisher, PageMaker 6.5, Illustrator 8.0, *.tiff, *.eps and all fonts must be included. Please note all electronic files should be a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Digital formats accepted: Files save as a high resolution Adobe Acrobat format *.pdf are accepted.

Ad Placement Requirements:

  • All ads must accompany an advertising contract by specific submission deadline and final payment no later than 14 days after submission.
  • Send artwork and check to:
    IRU, Inc.
    Conference Program Advertising
    971 Route 202 North
    Branchburg, NJ 08876
  • Please specify which size ad you are purchasing.
For more information call (718) 892 0228 or email Maria Sclafani at
All artwork will be retained by the IRUA.

Event Sponsorship

The IRUA – Intermediaries and Reinsurance Underwriters Association – is pleased to offer Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities in conjunction with our Spring Conference. We invite you to use this opportunity to gain recognition and highlight products & services with a highly targeted audience of reinsurance professionals.

At our conferences and meetings throughout the year, we provide our members opportunities to improve their professional skills and familiarize themselves with developments relative to their field. You have the chance to show them how your company can make their activities more successful. Sponsorships allow you to shape the image of your company and to impress upon our membership your commitment to the reinsurance industry. Through sponsorships, you can increase your visibility and prestige, as well as enhance your business relationships. Likewise, sponsorships at IRUA educational events, which range in size from 75-200 attendees, provide an excellent opportunity for you to network with those you most want to reach. We can help you select the event that best puts you in touch with your target audience.

Corporate sponsorships support the IRUA in efforts to extend the number of educational programs and services offered, to host special programs, to support the Journal of Reinsurance and to fund the IRUA College Internship Program.

Levels of Sponsorship

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship: Actual Cost of Speaker’s presentation
Special Event Sponsor: Actual Cost of the Event
Promotional Item Sponsor: Actual Cost of Promotional items
Champion: $5,000.00
Principal: $3,500.00
Benefactor: $2,000.00
Donor: $1,500.00
Conference Partner: $750
Conference Associate: $500
Conference Friend: $250

Sponsorship Opportunities

Cocktail receptions
Golf Tournaments
Golf Awards
Refreshment breaks
Promotional Items
Keynote Speakers
Internship Awards
And much more!
Sponsors may, with approval, underwrite a food function by paying the actual cost of that event or promotional items for participants by paying the actual cost of the promotional items sponsored. In all cases, sponsors will be recognized as sponsors of the particular portion of our conference. A maximum of four sponsors may co-sponsor a speaker or event. Minimum sponsorship from one firm is $250.

Sponsorship Benefits
(vary with sponsorship)

  • Special recognition in pre-conference publicity.
  • Inclusion in sponsor list, main conference area.
  • Signage with your company’s name and logo displayed at your sponsored event.
  • Sponsorship acknowledgment/reciprocal link on the IRUA Web site that receives thousands of visits per week.
  • Provision of your company’s promotional materials to attendees.
  • A special thank you to your company during your sponsored event.
  • Recognition in conference programs.
  • Recognition in post-conference reports.

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities outside Conferences?

The IRUA welcomes the participation of its corporate partners in sponsorships on the association web site and other types of special partnerships. Through the web site and awards sponsorships, you can increase your visibility and prestige, and enhance your business relationships.

Please contact Maria Sclafani at for further information.

Banner Ads

Advertising Rates & Data
The following are the general terms and conditions regarding advertising on the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association (IRUA) Internet web site (

  1. Rates published herein are effective as today’s date. Announcement of any change in rates will be made to advertiser 30 days in advance of rate change.
  2. Advertiser acknowledges that it is generally familiar with the nature of the Internet and proposed uses thereof.
  3. In consideration of the placement of advertisements on the IRUA web site, The advertiser and agency agree to, jointly and severally, indemnify and save the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association, its officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, losses and/or expenses arising out of any aspects: of the content and/or the appearance of such advertisement(s) on, including without limitation, those arising from claims or suits for defamation, copyright or trademark infringement, misappropriation, violation of the right of privacy act.
  4. It is agreed that the advertiser and agency are jointly liable for payment of invoices for advertising made available on Any reference to the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association in advertisements, promotional material or merchandising by the advertiser or the agency is subject to prior written approval by the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association for each use.
  5. The Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to provide reference or access to all or any part of the advertising due to systems failures or other technological failures of IRU or the Internet or other circumstances beyond IRUA’s control.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed by Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association and agency or advertiser, IRUA shall have the right to insert the advertising in various areas of the IRUA web site at its discretion.
  7. IRUA is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials provided by the advertiser or its agency.
  8. All advertisement copy is subject to the approval of Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association’s Executive Director. IRUA reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising and/or linkage to an advertiser’s site on the Internet for any reason at any time.
  9. Invoices will be sent on or about the first date on which the advertising is scheduled to appear Payments will be due within 30 days from the date of invoice. Ads will be discontinued if payment is not received within 30 days unless prior arrangements are made with IRUA.
  10. No cash discounts, volume discounts or other discounted rates will be available unless ad is placed by a recognized advertising agency. Advertising agencies will receive the standard 15% discount on insertion orders. Discounts will be discontinued if payments are not received within 30 days of invoice.
  11. In the event IRUA does not receive payment or advertiser/agency otherwise breaches the terms of this contract, advertiser and/or its agency shall pay all of IRUA’s costs and expenses in connection with enforcement and/or collection of balance due IRUA.
  12. No minimum circulation or exposure is guaranteed hereunder.
  13. Minimum contract term is one month.


Online Banner Advertising Rate Card

Contract Term

Banner Ad Size

Graphic File Format

Full Size Limit


One Month

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Three Months

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