President’s Message

 IRUA President’s Message 2018

Welcome to the IRUA website, and I hope that you will visit here often throughout 2018.   The reinsurance industry continues to find itself operating in a competitive and transitional market.   To that end, the IRUA is also in transition.  We’ve got a new look and feel to our website, we’re publishing a new newsletter along with our staple publication of the Journal of Reinsurance.  We are working hard to bring the most relevant topics to our educational events.  The theme of our flagship event, the Annual Meeting & Conference, is “Game Changers”.  I think each of us find in our daily work lives that much of the game is indeed changing.   Models are more sophisticated, capital arrives from new and innovative sources and technology is changing the way we deliver and service our products.  It’s all happening at breakneck speed.  But we should never lose sight of the fact that at its core, reinsurance is still a people business and networking is not a “nice to have”-  it’s how business gets done.  Most importantly, we should remind ourselves of the value that we deliver to society at large.  We only need look back to the second half of 2017 to recall the hurricanes, floods and wildfires that devastated the lives of those in their tracks.  The reinsurance industry stood at the ready to deliver resiliency to the people, businesses and communities impacted by these natural catastrophic events.  The hard work and dedication of our industry professionals will ensure that we remain in that ready position to help rebuild and repair what nature destroys.

To do this we must continue to update our tools and educate ourselves.  To those companies that are current members, thank you, and I look forward to meeting with each of you during our 2018 events.  To those that are not yet members, I hope that you will consider becoming a member company of the IRUA organization to help drive the creation of quality educational programs and networking opportunities.  I also hope that you will attend several of our educational offerings in 2018.  Our Annual Meeting & Conference will be held April 11-13 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando FL and promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking conference.  Mark your calendars now and plan to attend with other colleagues from the industry.   Our scholarship program continues to grow and we are excited to offer $18,000 in scholarship funds in 2018.  These scholarships are available to all eligible interns of member companies, so please encourage all of your interns to submit their essay.

Change can be unsettling and scaring, but I find the changes facing our industry exciting, and an opportunity to rise to new heights.  I’m extremely hopeful about the future of our industry I invite you to join me in taking on the challenges of the future and emerging as a stronger industry.  I would love to hear your ideas about the future and invite you to reach out to me directly using the contact information below.

See you in April in Orlando,

Arlene Kern (Munich Reinsurance America) President, IRUA, Inc.
@arlenekern2 (twitter)