President’s Message

IRUA President’s Message

Welcome! Let me begin by saying I am honored to have been elected President of the IRUA.  Having been associated with the IRUA for over 20 years, I have seen the organization weather through numerous market cycles, industry consolidation, expansion and transformation.  From its roots back in 1967, the IRU has brought together insurance and reinsurance professionals whereby sharing information and providing education were not only a necessity to create and further relationships, but expand industry knowledge and help each other as partners grow in the business.  Today’s IRUA still holds true those same values and principles that were shared by our predecessors.

As a non-profit, we rely on our member companies as well as individuals to actively participate and grow within the organization and its respective committees.  Our member base is comprised of companies who operate within the US, London, Europe, and the Bermuda marketplace.  With 4 core areas of focus, our member partners have the opportunity to attend various educational events throughout the year, including our Annual Conference, which brings together professional speakers to discuss those relevant topics that are impacting our industry.   In addition, twice a month, the IRUA publishes a Newsletter and multiple times a year, the Journal of Reinsurance that showcases various industry topics and has been a staple of the IRUA for the last 26 years.

Finally, and what sometimes can be overshadowed, is the importance of bringing young professionals into our industry.  The IRUA is one of the few organizations that provides a Scholars Program to interns of the member companies.  This program can provide financial assistance as well as tremendous networking opportunities for those individuals who are considering a career in insurance/reinsurance.   For more information and additional details on all of the IRUA offerings, please explore the other areas of our website or feel free to contact myself, Jerry Wallis or Maria Sclafani.

As we move forward into 2020, we need to continue to work together as a group to solve the ongoing challenges our industry faces.  We can accomplish this by sharing ideas, networking and building on the educational expertise our peers and industry professionals bring to the table.  One of several initiatives the IRUA will undertake in 2020, is expanding the membership offering to all organizations within the insurance and reinsurance sectors.  Historically, the IRUA has focused its initiatives on the Reinsurance Intermediary and Reinsurer segments of our industry.  By expanding the IRUA membership to other segments within the insurance/reinsurance segment to include Insurance Carriers, Managing General Agents/Underwriters, and Third-Party Administrators, we can unlock the knowledge base within the entire risk tower and thereby increase the educational and networking offerings our member partners will ultimately benefit from.

In addition, the IRUA will be restructuring its fee schedule to allow a member partner or prospective member partner to choose from several payment options depending on the size of their organization, number of employees and/or sponsorship opportunities. This new fee structure will provide more flexibility for member companies as well allow multiple employees to attend events at a reduced cost.  We are very excited to move forward with these initiatives and the additional benefits they will bring to our member partners.  Details on both initiatives will be made available for consideration shortly.

In closing, we would like to thank our current member partners for their continued support of the IRUA.  For those of you who are not yet members, we hope that you will consider a membership and help drive the creation of quality educational programs and networking opportunities the IRUA is known for.

We look forward to a successful future together!

Andrew Downing
IRUA President