Breaking News! Dawn Marie Black of Lloyd’s Named an Elite Woman in 2020 By IBA

July 14th, 2020

Dawn Marie Black was named one of 77 Elite Women in 2020 by Insurance Business of America! We are proud of Dawn Marie’s acknowledgments and are delighted to have Dawn Marie serve as a member of the IRUA Board of Directors.

IBA Elite Women aren’t just dedicated to the insurance industry – they are trailblazers forging a path for both current colleagues and future industry professionals.

The diversification of the industry wouldn’t be possible without the many pioneers like Dawn Marie who began their insurance careers before gender equality was a key factor in hiring practices or industry statistics. Dawn Marie has advanced her career at Lloyd’s and is a proven leader not just as an executive but also as a board member, adjunct professor and tireless advocate in the insurance and reinsurance industry.

To read the full Insurance Business of America article, click on the link below.